Neda Moyer meets RG3 at the Washington
Redskins 2014 All-Star Survivor Celebration

Neda Moyer never thought that she would be diagnosed with breast cancer. As someone who made sure to get yearly mammograms and take care of her health, it came as a shock when her cancer was found on a routine scan. In April of 2014, after undergoing follow-up ultrasound, MRI, and biopsy, being diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, and subsequently Ductal Carcinoma In Situ, was jolting and real. But Neda encourages breast cancer patients to stay positive and find joy. Recently, she was honored to have a positive experience like no other, when she was among 31 local breast cancer survivors honored by the Washington Redskins. Neda took the time to share her experience and story with us, ultimately sending a message of increased awareness and hope.

The Washington Redskins All-Star Survivors Celebration is a huge event. Each year, the Redskins and the American Cancer Society combine forces to honor 31 breast cancer survivors as part of their “Think Pink” campaign to raise awareness of breast cancer. This year, Neda applied to be a part of the event. After submitting her application and going through the interview process, she was full of joy to be selected as an honoree. 

“The Redskins are such a huge part of the Ashburn community where I live and I think this sends such a positive message to survivors all over the area,” Neda said during recent correspondence. “It has been awhile since I have felt so special and this organization did an amazing job of doing this.” Neda was treated to an evening of pampering, including a massage, a makeover, dinner, and being star struck by players like RG3 and Chris Cooley, whose mother had breast cancer. She also received one stellar goodie bag, which included tickets to the Redskins October 6 “Think Pink” game. At that game, she and the other survivors were honored on field. Neda recalls how the players took time to warmly greet the survivors with hugs. “Not only did they make us feel special but this drives awareness which I think is crucial to stopping this from taking the lives of anymore women,” she stated.

Neda wants to raise awareness. She has many messages to share with women. As someone who has undergone the experience of having breast cancer, Neda encourages all women to keep up on their annual mammograms and screenings. If faced with the battle against cancer, Neda emphasizes how important it is to “stay positive.” She suggests joining a support group and taking time to take care of yourself instead of worrying about factors such as the cost of cancer care.

Neda is currently awaiting her final surgery in December. “With the guidance of my wonderful Oncologist ‘Dr. Irwin’ and my Radiation Oncologist I was spared any additional treatment,” Neda, who opted for a double mastectomy, said. Cancer has been hard, but Neda has stayed strong during the battle. She thanks organizations like the Washington Redskins for making her experience a little more joyful, and she is blessed to share the message with so many others.

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