Clinical Trial Videos

Research and Clinical Trials are an integral part of advancing cancer care. The physicians and staff in The US Oncology Network and Virginia Cancer Specialists are helping to advance cancer care in community practices with novel therapies.  Alex Spira, M.D., PhD, F.A.C.P and Neelima Denduluri, M.D. weigh in.

At any one time, more than 300 trials are in progress across The Network for many cancer diagnoses. Watch this video that highlights the importance of patient participation in clinical trials told through one patient’s experience. Through US Oncology Research, community oncology practices across the country have enrolled more than 65,000 patients to clinical trials contributing to 65 FDA approvals to date.

Thousands of cancer patients receive cutting-edge care every day at cancer centers across The US Oncology Network. Each center is unique, but all provide advanced, compassionate care in an environment that promotes wellness, surrounding the patient with highly trained and supportive staff. By providing individualized guidance and support throughout the entire treatment and survivorship process, we empower patients and their loved ones to have the best possible cancer journey.  Dr. Anne Favret's clinical trial patient Antoinette Jones, talks about her Cancer Journey.