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Physician Spotlight: Dr. Neelima Denduluri, Medical Oncologist, Breast Cancer Specialist

Physician Spotlight: Neelima Denduluri, MD. “My profession and expertise in oncology care affords me a very special and unique opportunity to help alleviate a patient’s stress and uncertainty at a most challenging and vulnerable time in their life. By combining exceptional patient care with the most cutting edge treatments, I am able to tailor each patient’s plan of care specifically to meet their individual needs and concerns.” Breast Cancer Specialist, Virginia Cancer Specialists, Associate Chair, Breast Cancer Committee, The US Oncology Network

The Breast Cancer Team at Virginia Cancer Specialists

Virginia Cancer Specialists offers a 360 degree approach to cutting-edge and integrated care for patients in Northern Virginia, from benign breast problems to breast cancer, as well as those who have a high risk for developing breast disease. Breast Cancer Awareness Surgery at Virginia Cancer Specialists

Virginia Cancer Specialists - Team Approach to Patient Care

Virginia Cancer Specialists – Advancing your cancer care through a personalized, integrative, 360º multidisciplinary team approach. Improving cancer outcomes. Providing superior value.

At Virginia Cancer Specialists, we have more than 40 years of experience treating cancer and diseases of the blood using the most up-to-date therapies and treatment options. Our practice of skilled physicians offers a consultative approach to care. We have specific experience with nearly every cancer type, as well as the most complex blood and coagulation disorders. By bringing together all the experts needed to diagnose diseases and develop individualized treatment plans for patients, the patient and their family will receive complete care that meets their unique needs all in a comfortable setting close to home.

Virginia Cancer Specialists - Breast Cancer Team

The Breast Cancer Team at Virginia Cancer Specialists is committed to having the patients’ experience being the best ever, starting with making an appointment to including social work services, medical oncology, surgery, pharmacy services, clinical trials, genetics and more. A 360º multidisciplinary team approach to patient care.

Clinical Trials at Virginia Cancer Specialist

At the Virginia Cancer Specialists Research Institute (VCSRI), research an integral component of our mission to give patients access to cutting-edge cancer therapies/treatments in the community where they live and work. This allows us to better meet the growing demand in our community for groundbreaking trials, it also enables us to lead the way in research focusing on promising new advancements, such as immunotherapy.

“The Future of oncology is predicated on finding new drugs and treatments for patients”, Alex Spira, MD

“…just being able to bring clinical research to the community setting is hugely important…”, Raymond Wadlow, MD

VCS houses a new Research Facility for Phase 1 Clinical Trials – the largest of its kind in the Northern Virginia area