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The Treatment Plan Increases Patient Satisfaction in Value-Based Care, Contributor Amit Sarma, MD

Dr. Amit Sarma of Virginia Cancer Specialists contributes in an interview .  The treatment plan gives the patient a document to reference and share with friends and family. This document also helps keep the care team informed, facilitating patient navigation – a key aspect of value-based care. How implementing treatment plans can benefit patients and enhance communication in a practice.

Alex Spira, M.D., PhD, F.A.C.P. interview discussing the latest anti PDL1 Study cancer immunotherapy treatment

Alex Spira, M.D., PhD, F.A.C.P. a medical oncologist and the Director of the VCS Research Institute and the Phase 1 Trial Program at Virginia Cancer Specialists discussess an anti-PDL1 phase 2 study, 2/3 of non-small cell lung cancer showed steady improvement in comparison to chemotherapy.