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Physician Spotlight: Dr. Neelima Denduluri, Medical Oncologist, Breast Cancer Specialist

Physician Spotlight: Neelima Denduluri, MD. “My profession and expertise in oncology care affords me a very special and unique opportunity to help alleviate a patient’s stress and uncertainty at a most challenging and vulnerable time in their life. By combining exceptional patient care with the most cutting edge treatments, I am able to tailor each patient’s plan of care specifically to meet their individual needs and concerns.” Breast Cancer Specialist, Virginia Cancer Specialists, Associate Chair, Breast Cancer Committee, The US Oncology Network

The Treatment Plan Increases Patient Satisfaction in Value-Based Care, Contributor Amit Sarma, MD

Dr. Amit Sarma of Virginia Cancer Specialists contributes in an interview .  The treatment plan gives the patient a document to reference and share with friends and family. This document also helps keep the care team informed, facilitating patient navigation – a key aspect of value-based care. How implementing treatment plans can benefit patients and enhance communication in a practice.