Thoracic Surgery and The Lung Cancer Team, Virginia Cancer Specialists

VCS Treatments

Our team of highly-specialized medical oncologists, surgeons and radiation oncologists focus on the treatment of lung cancer with the most effective cutting-edge techniques and minimally invasive procedures.  Treatment plans are individualized for each patient’s needs.  We also participate in phase one clinical trials which bring new treatment options to our patients.

Thoracic Surgery and our Lung Cancer Experts

Don’t just choose a specialist.  Choose an expert.

When you choose lung cancer treatment at Virginia Cancer Specialists, you gain access to a panel of lung cancer experts in one convenient location. The team employs a personalized, integrative, 360-degree approach to care, designed to ensure the patient undergoes minimal treatment, often a single procedure, for maximum results.

“We pride ourselves on doing things once and getting it right,” says Dr. Khandhar.  “I want people to get back to living their lives as soon as possible with me being in the rearview mirror.”

Our Lung Cancer Team