COVID19 Update: For your safety, you will be asked to use a mask, if you do not have one, a mask will be provided. If a person presents with a temperature, you will be asked to return home and further instructions will be given by your health care team. For our patient’s protection, no visitors under 18 will be allowed in the offices, there is a limit one (1) visitor per patient if necessary. No visitors are allowed in the chemo infusion room. Telemedicine visits are available for routine office visits. All Patients – Very Important: Regardless of vaccination status.  If you are experiencing a fever or cold-like like symptoms, which also include GI Symptoms and Diarrhea, you should contact your Virginia Cancer Specialists Advice Line before visiting our clinics for scheduled appointments. This includes symptoms of respiratory illness, such as coughing or difficulty breathing.  More Information-PLEASE CLICK HERE

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Tejas Suresh, MD, Virginia Cancer Specialists

Dr. Suresh is a Medical Oncologist in the Gainesville and Fauquier Office. Dr. Suresh is enthusiastic about serving the community in Northern Virginia.

Physician Spotlight: Amit Sarma, MD, Virginia Cancer Specialists

“I chose to be an oncologist in order to help people through one of life’s most challenging times. I serve as the go-to for patients with complex cancer needs, who deserve quality and coordinated care. My focus is on the person, not any one disease. Providing the best care close to home is my highest priority.” Amit Sarma, MD, Virginia Cancer Specialists

Physician Spotlight: Robert L. Reid, MD, FACP, Virginia Cancer Specialists

“We provide a diverse team of physicians, nurses, pharmacists and support staff to ensure that our patients receive the best care in an efficient and supportive environment.” Robert L. Reid, MD, FACP, Virginia Cancer Specialists

Physician Spotlight: Ajay Dar, MD, Medical Oncologist, Virginia Cancer Specialists

“When a person entrusts me with their health, a sacred patient – doctor bond is created. Modern medicine and good old fashion caring, helps both of us navigate this journey together.” Ajay Dar, MD, Virginia Cancer Specialists

Physician Spotlight: Dipti Patel-Donnelly, MD

Quote: “Our understanding of the mechanisms and driving mutations of cancer are rapidly evolving. We use our medical knowledge, judgement, and vast experience to offer the most personalized, comprehensive, and compassionate care to guide every person through this challenging journey together.”

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