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Physician Spotlight: Stephanie Akbari, M.D., F.A.C.S. Breast Surgeon, Virginia Cancer Specialists

Dr Stephanie Akbari, Virginia Cancer Specialists – From benign breast problems to breast cancer it’s my passion to keep informed of the latest treatments and technologies that benefit my patients. I love working with an experienced and dedicated team of physicians who work to personalize and tailor each treatment plan to best meet the needs of the patient as an individual – and the family as a whole.

Physician Spotlight: Alex Spira, M.D., PhD, F.A.C.P., Medical Oncologist

“Getting a diagnosis of cancer is the most challenging thing any patient and family will have to go through. My job is to provide the most comprehensive options for patients, with state-of-the-art care and compassion.” Alex Spira, MD

Breast Cancer Survivor's Story on Community Cancer Care

Breast Cancer Survivor Antoinette Jones a patient of Anne Favret M.D. with Virginia Cancer Specialists in Northern Virginia, talks about her journey with Breast Cancer. Community Practices like Virginia Cancer Specialists who have top rated oncologists and cutting-edge Clinical Trials, provide better care to patients within the communities where the live and work. Local Care is Better Care.

Clinical Trials in the US Oncology Network

Watch this video that highlights the importance of patient participation in clinical trials, via a patient’s experience. In cooperation with the US Oncology Research, community oncology practices across the country have enrolled more than 65,000 patients to clinical trials contributing to over 65 FDA approvals to date. For more information see USOncology  and The VCS Research Institute to see if there is a trial available that might help you. If you would like to search for a clinical trial – see our Trial Finder.

The Treatment Plan Increases Patient Satisfaction in Value-Based Care, Contributor Amit Sarma, MD

Dr. Amit Sarma of Virginia Cancer Specialists contributes in an interview .  The treatment plan gives the patient a document to reference and share with friends and family. This document also helps keep the care team informed, facilitating patient navigation – a key aspect of value-based care. How implementing treatment plans can benefit patients and enhance communication in a practice.