COVID19 Update: For your safety, you will be asked to use a mask, if you do not have one, a mask will be provided. If a person presents with a temperature, you will be asked to return home and further instructions will be given by your health care team. For our patient’s protection, no visitors under 18 will be allowed in the offices, there is a limit one (1) visitor per patient if necessary. No visitors are allowed in the chemo infusion room. Telemedicine visits are available for routine office visits. All Patients – Very Important: Regardless of vaccination status.  If you are experiencing a fever or cold-like like symptoms, which also include GI Symptoms and Diarrhea, you should contact your Virginia Cancer Specialists Advice Line before visiting our clinics for scheduled appointments. This includes symptoms of respiratory illness, such as coughing or difficulty breathing.  More Information-PLEASE CLICK HERE

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Advancing your cancer care through a personalized, integrative, 360º multidisciplinary team approach. Improving cancer outcomes. Providing superior value.

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All of our physicians and staff are ready to help you through your cancer journey.

Today, millions of people are living with cancer or have had cancer, including yourself or people that you care about. Virginia Cancer Specialists offers disease and drug information with the intent of helping you learn more about what you can expect for “typical treatment” of common types of cancer. Use this information to help you better understand the disease that you or your loved one is faced with. Then talk with your physician about how a customized treatment plan will be developed for your specific needs.

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Research and Clinical Trials are an integral part of advancing cancer care at Virginia Cancer Specialists

The physicians and staff in The US Oncology Network are helping to advance cancer care in community practices like Virginia Cancer Specialists with novel cutting-edge therapies.

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Our community based physicians treat all cancer types, with subspecialists in areas such as Breast, GI, Lung, Genitourinary, Sarcoma, and Hematologic Malignancies, to name a few.

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Patient Stories

Reginé Bumper

Diagnosis: Lymphoma

Read about Reginé’s cancer journey and how her doctors provided individualized guidance and support.

When I completed my last cancer treatment, I understood the significant life change I had undergone. But in that moment, I also realized that cancer had helped me find the power of my voice. Reginé Bumper, patient - Virginia Cancer Specialists

Finding My Voice

My voice has become my most powerful tool, and for that, I’m appreciative that my diagnosis led me to where I am today. Cancer is life-changing, but in the journey, I learned more about myself and my health.

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Reginé's Doctor
Dipti Patel-Donnelly, MD

Amy Nave

Diagnosis: Melanoma

Read about Amy’s cancer journey and how her doctors provided individualized guidance and support.

“Anything you can do to help your body during cancer treatment is important, but it doesn’t stop there. You can change your life.”

In January 2010, I was diagnosed with melanoma and found myself scared and uncertain about the future. After several surgeries, I was referred to Dr. Patel-Donnelly at Virginia Cancer Specialists. It was the beginning of a journey that would inspire and change my life.

The moment I met Dr.

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Antoinette Jones

Read about Antoinette’s cancer journey and how her doctors provided individualized guidance and support.

Dont give up, don't give in, but most importantly, do it with grace.

Breast Cancer Survivor Antoinette Jones a patient of Anne Favret M.D. with Virginia Cancer Specialists in Northern Virginia, talks about her journey with Breast Cancer.

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Antoinette's Doctor
Anne Favret, MD

Temitayo Sadare

Diagnosis: Cancer

Read about Temitayo’s cancer journey and how his doctors provided individualized guidance and support.

Dr.Reid and his team have worked fervently to help me live a healthy life. Without his help, I wouldn't be where I am today. I am beyond grateful for all he has done to give me a better-quality life.

Sharon Reynolds

Read about Sharon’s cancer journey and how her doctors provided individualized guidance and support.

Imagine that feeling of control, creativity, and joy. Cancer doesn’t take that moment away. Cancer takes a backseat while I’m holding the brush.

Using Creativity to Cope with Cancer
Facing a cancer diagnosis during a pandemic can be especially lonely. Through the ups and downs of treatment, I found my energy waning as fatigue came and went. But then a relative suggested I try art again, something I hadn’t done since college.

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Sharon's Doctor

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